We kicked off the 2016 wedding season in Brooklyn, NY in June. ┬áThere a million and one restaurants, bars and things to do in NYC so I won’t tell you where you HAVE to go – I’m no New York expert, but here are some (mostly) foodie highlights from our trip:


meadowsweet – Located in Williamsburg, we went here for lunch but if we had had the chance, I would have loved to come here for weekend brunch. Regardless, lunch was delicious. The pasta and fried chicken sandwich came highly recommended by our waitress so I decided on the latter. It was delicious! And not too large, so I was able to eat every bite and not feel (too) bad. The sandwich came with some delicious french fries as well. We capped it off with a bottle of white on the patio and then made our way back down Bedford Street.

The Ides – located in The Wythe Hotel where the wedding took place, the Ides is an indoor/outdoor bar/restaurant on the 6th floor with amazing views of Manhattan. We didn’t eat here but made sure to swing by for some drinks and amazing views. This place definitely turns into a scene (both day AND night). It’s also a gratuity-free establishment but they seem to make up for that with the drink prices.

We also came across some great recommendations in Bushwick that we’ll have to try next time!

Urban Rustic – we came here for some breakfast sandwiches. They were nothing to write home about but did the trick. Their lunch menu appeals to me a bit more if you’re in the mood for a sandwich. It’s also right next to McCarren park if you’re feeling a little picnic.


ABC Kitchen – close to Union Square, we were lucky enough to go to the rehearsal dinner here where I felt like we tried everything on the menu. From roasted beets with housemade yogurt to housemade ricotta with strawberry compote, crab toast and salmon with the most delicious carrots I have ever eaten to a delicious cookie plate. That was only about half of the food that we ate but trust me…everything. is. amazing. The ambiance was great and they’re connected to the ABC Carpet & Home store.

Bubby’s – we put our name here for brunch and spent our 45 minute wait time wandering around the High Line that began right across the street from the restaurant. I had a simple (and delicious) Turkey B.A.L.T, but the fried chicken biscuit, lobster roll and mac and cheese were all delicious.

No trip to New York disappoints, and this one certainly did not. Can’t wait to visit again. Have some favorite restaurants in NYC? Let us know!

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