Sunday, July 21, 2024

Jocelyn was born and raised outside of Boston, before moving to San Diego, CA after college.  Toby was born and raised in Nashville, before moving to Cincinnati after college.  We had no reason to cross paths until February 2012 when Toby was in San Diego for a meeting, and met Jocelyn at brunch with a mutual friend of theirs.

What started as an innocent brunch turned into a Sunday Funday, missed flights, and almost a year of keeping in touch, before we finally took the plunge and met in Austin in January 2013.  Three years of long distance dating ensued – taking us around the country and the world to make our relationship work.

Now we’re both currently settled in San Diego, with no real intention of quitting the 40 hour work week and traveling for a living…but then again, life has shown us that you just never know what tomorrow might bring!