Buenos Aires is the first city I visited in South America and I immediately fell in love. We visited over Thanksgiving which meant it was just about summertime in Argentina. This was probably one of the longest amounts of time I’ve spent in any city on a vacation and I had no complaints.


We used Oasis Collections which allowed us to book a cute two bedroom apartment in Palermo Soho instead of a hotel. They provided a great guide with restaurants and things to do as well as access to The Clubhouse. I would definitely recommend going this route unless you’re totally set on a hotel for one reason or another.


There was no shortage of delicious, trendy restaurants to go to while we were in Buenos Aires. Tip: people eat late here. If we made reservations before 10pm we were early. This just gave us an excuse to eat breakfast, lunch, a snack (appetizers and wine, anyone?) and then a full dinner before staying out all night.

La Fabrica del Taco – a more casual stop on our culinary tour of the city, but located in trendy Palermo, a good option if you’re in the mood for some tacos.

Osaka – a delicious Peruvian restaurant located in the Palermo neighborhood.

Sipan – need a slight break from South American food? How about Peruvian with a Japanese twist. Another delicious choice while we were in BA.


Explore La Boca (during the day) – we wandered around the colorful neighborhood of La Boca, grabbing food and drinks and tango an afternoon away.

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Polo! We watched, we played, we drank lots of wine. It took up most of our day but they kept us full of food and wine and no one fell off a horse while attempting to play – a lot harder than it looks! (especially after a few glasses of wine).

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La Recoleta Cemetery – full of beautiful mausoleums, including Evita’s.

Grab drinks! After dinner at Milion and poolside at Faena, to name a couple of spots we found ourselves at.

Mercado de San Telmo – if you find yourself in the city on a Sunday make sure you check out this amazing market! We left with leather jackets, cow skin rugs, and empanadas served on the street.

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Wander. Shop. Eat. Drink. Enjoy this beautiful city for a few days and just take it all in. Definitely one of my favorite cities that I’ve ever visited. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! And then, when you need a change of pace, head over to Uruguay! Stay tuned for our adventures in Colonia and Punta del Este!

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